Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Amber & August Search Traffic

August was a busy month with visits to Amber & peaking around August 25th.  (I wonder why....)  Search traffic was pretty predictable.

I think I am repping pretty well for the CSA on my blog.  And I think my site is a great center for research on "nice beasts."  That number 10 sort of scares me.  Who keeps a honey bear for a pet?  And aren't all bears really honey bears?

There was one item further down in the ranks that gave me some concern.

I bet this is one of his students looking for intel about their mysterious professor.  These two posts don't seem to reveal anything too personal.  And really since he is now a famous poet, you've got to imagine that he expects this kind of Googling.  I bet his proud of that Kate Hepburn tidbit.  I hope so, since I made it so public.


Alison said...

One of these damn days, I must solve the cats and watermelon dilemma. Do they like them? Why? How much? I MUST KNOW.

ALH said...

I feel bad because, although I sure blog about it alot, I don't really add any clarity to the questions.

Kevin said...

Why qualify it with "teacher"? As if there were any other David Semanki.