Friday, June 1, 2012

Amber & Things I Did and Did Not Know

I totally knew these were hydrangeas before Diana confirmed it for me.

I did not know that their color depended on the minerals in the soil.

There are seas of them in Stuytown.  Some are pink.  Some are a sort of pretty green.  And they smell nice.

I thought these shoes were pandas.  But they guy at the shoe store said they were cats.

Now, the sleepy right-foot guy does have one gray eye patch--and I've never seen that on a panda.  But the ears are very panda.  Let's compare to a black and white cat.

I still don't know what those shoes are, but I sure do know Pickles is the curliest kitty guy I have ever known and that I love to snuggle him.

Some things you just know.


Alison said...

I still say those are totally pandas. That guy is nuts.

Kevin said...

I knew that.