Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Amber & Over It? No, But Moving On

Am I over my Shakira obsession?  Well, no.  Especially not with my belly dance class right around the corner.  But, I sure have moved on.  In  backdating kind of way.

I love Missy. And dancing.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Amber & Guest Bloggers

Nick found this little guy over here where he is actually in motion!  I wonder what he is typing.  I hope it's compelling content for today's post because I sure didn't have any.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Amber & Tiggy Two

Blogged last, but never, ever least.

Amber & The Same

See? Woody isn't sleeping more than Pickles. So, that's not a sign of sickness.

Amber & Sooo Much To Do Today

Woody seems okay, mostly. His breathing may be a little more effortful than usual, or maybe not. He is sleeping alot, but not more than Pickles. And, he is warm on my lap while we watch competitive cooking shows. That's good, right?

Amber & How To Spend My Day Off?

Sniffing Ginger's neck. It smells like softness.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amber & Be Careful Crossing The Street

As Jimmy himself warns, "Stay off the roads, they're no longer safe."

Amber & Even Bigger Birthday Booty

Last night, in addition to a quieterly breathing Woody, I got this novelty t as a present from Nick.

See?  There's a doggie riding a bike with a kitty in the basket.  And, under my pointing hand, there is a birdie flying along with them and some trees.  (It's like this shirt and this one got together and had a green baby.)  Nick pointed out the doggie can't really reach the pedals, but we know they must be coasting because there is a little motion cloud coming out of the back tire.  Cute, and dynamic.  (Also note I am wearing the Alison hedgie today to mix it up, cutie-animal-style.)

Also, I got Thai food and this book from CRD.  It has that poem in it that makes me cry.

But really, everything makes me cry this week.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Amber & Birthday Booty Update

I got this Birthday Text from Kirk.

And, I got this gorilla ecard from Kevin and Diana.

And then this follow-up.

And then Other Kevin and James stopped by and gave me this peach donut.

And then my mom and dad sent me an ecard featuring this elephant singing a birthday song.

I just cannot believe what a bounteous birthday this has been.  And it's not over yet!

Amber & Birthday Booty

So, today is also my birthday.  And I got some stuff.

Yesterday, I got a very sweet card from my Auntie Carol.  It was so heart-felt that it made me super happy inside. Also, I got this super heart-felt post from CRD.

Then, this morning,  I got this super cutie hedgie necklace from Nick along with a rubber hedgie stamp.  (Just you wait until I mail you something.  Stamp!)

Then, I got this pretty headpiece (they call these "fascinators" I think) and some kitty highlighters from Alison and this loaf of yumminess and a burping cloth for after I eat the loaf (see my shoulder) from Emma.

And, I this awesome handy-crafted lavendar and flax pillow from Emma.  I think it supposed to be for eyes, but it smells so good I might use it as a nose pillow.

And, then I got this adorable hedgie necklace (! the sign of the perfect gift is multiplicity!) and some chocolates which I am eating right now from Alison.

Thank you, everybodies.  And, if you are wondering what a girl does with TWO hedgie necklaces?  I think she celebrates that she now has an earring option, maybe wears one as an anklet or keeps one in her hedgie shrine at home, but is really, really delighted to have friends that know her so well and are so thoughtful and giving.

Amber & Special Days

What makes today, a wet and rainy New York day, special?

Woody is at home.

We had a pretty rough night, what with all the eating he needed to do because of the appetite stimulants, and a little bit of wheezing and a whole of lot of adjusting to being home again and needing to be near the momma.  But, he is home.  And he is special.

And I am glad to count this special guy amongst my best friends.  I love him so much.

(Sometimes I sleep with my glasses on so I can see better in my dreams.  Plus, I was not sleeping there.  I was just laying down and resting my eyes.)

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Amber & Everybody's Fancy

Some kitties are curly on the outside.

But they are not so furry on the insides.

Every kitty is fancy, every kitty is fine.  Your kitty's fancy, and so is Pickles.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Amber & Mysteries of Life

How is it that this guy,...

...who seems to be pretty much the same (still tiny pee clumps, but all he wants to do is play), manages to hit the Shift+Command+8 keys every time he walks across the keyboard?

Is his eyesight that bad?  Or does he like the world more abstract?  Zoom:


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Amber & It's Pouring

Dear Readers, I am having a hard time.  First, as loyal readers know, Pickles has been struggling with his third UTI this year.

He seemed to be getting better-- he was back to his incessant mewing to play and caught two flies in the bathroom.  But this morning at 5 am, he woke me up with his Litter Box Tour.  He was going from box to box, and several spots in between, scratching and straining, with only tiny, tiny results.  (And some of those results were actually on my shoes-- a stinky reminder that I should have put them away.)  I'm watching him closely today to make sure he is still going.  But, he only has to days left of meds and it seems like he should be better by now, you know?  I worry about my fragile little guy, you know?

 And then, my kitty boyfriend Woody was hospitalized yesterday with pneumonia.  I recognized the huffing and puffing we saw last year when he had the same woes and took him to Schaubhut for a diagnosis.  Schaubhut did an x-ray and recommended hospitalization since he was having so much trouble breathing and should be put on IV meds and in an oxygen tank.  So, that's where he is.  And he sure wasn't happy about it.  (growl)

At least he had a nice time eating salad at the River.  Maybe he has nice kitty memories of that?

So, my two boys, one old and one just a baby, are having a hard time.  Which means, since we all share in the same joyful existence and are made of the same stuff, I am having a hard time.

Also, I worry.  You know?

Friday, August 20, 2010

Amber & Parting Gifts

CRD is changing jobs and sent me some wonderful parting gifts, including this one.

Me and my black family thank him.

Amber & But What If You Call Them Pigs?

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Amber & Learning New Skills

Where will I be starting the eleventh of next month and every Saturday thereafter from 2:30 pm to 3:30 pm?  In class.

What will I be learning?  Here is a hint.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amber & 99¢ Well Spent.


I need something to keep me happy until I get the rest saved.

Amber & A Penny Saved

How can you tell I am on a savings plan?  Because I bought this face wash for $4.99 at Trader Joe's instead of my usual product for seven times the price.

Yes, I did also buy a pack of heirloom tomatoes and some artisnal bread, but that was probably cheaper than a burrito or whatever else lunch delivery I often get.

What am I saving up for?  Emergencies?  More vet bills?  Why, I am saving for a Wee House.

I am $27 closer (well, $26 because I also did buy a blue eyeshadow in the clearance bin at Duane Reade today) to owning my very own River House.  Of course, that still leaves me quite a way and a plot of land away.  But, baby steps.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Amber & Five Star Rating

Check me out, performancing.

Here we are, only eight months into the year, and I already have exceeded the number of stars I earned last year by 25%.  (Last year, I earned a final star for Reports!  So Good!)

Stick that in your HR file.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Amber & The Black Cat

Kevin sends this photo.

He says, "This is a very odd cat."  And we love him.

Amber & One yummy snack food et while traveling India, especially good when received as prasad from Tibetan monks in nice hats:

In response to this, Diana sends this.

The post title was the subject header of her email.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Amber & The Company Picnic

I don't want to give anything away, but let's just say that Erl's post of this video has been very inspiring.

Amber & Hello, My Name is Bloody Mary

With a Wisconsin-style beer chaser.

Amber & Four Updates

1.  Pickles Update

When we visited the little guy last night, he was pretty sad.  He had yanked out his own catheter, so they had us try to get him to eat.  He waited until the vet tech was out of the room and then gobbled down some wet food.  Then, they gave him a sedative and he fell asleep in my arms.

Last night, though, he still wasn't peeing on his own so they put him back on the catheter.  My poor, poor curly fellow.  Please continue to think healthy thoughts for him?

2.  Losses in the War Against the Insects
I have been eaten alive by mosquitos.  See, for example, the back of my neck in the above photo.

3.  Yesterday's Tray

Chips, salsa, leftover steak*, stuffed and cracked olives, assorted crackers, roasted peppers, one mozzerella, and tappenade.

*Steak was grilled on Saturday night.

4.  Grilling
Steak was grilled on Saturday night.  It was delicious, as was the grilled farm share bok choy and accompanying salad.

We did not eat the citronella candle.  But, I wish we had burned it.  See #2 above.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Amber & Wanted: Well Wishes

Can everybody take a moment to think healthy, happy thoughts for poor Pickles?

His health took an unhappy turn and, instead of lounging on the screen porch watching birds and chasing bugs or roaming through the yard eating the omnipresent kitty salad, our curly forever-baby buddy is in the pet hospital, getting a little help unblocking his pee paths.  With good care, a large invoice, and a little luck, the boy should be unblocked and back here at the River with us in a couple of days.

We just want the little guy to feel better.

(Photos of Baby Pickles by James)

I love him.  Please send him your healing thoughts?

Amber & Looking Up


Amber & All In A Day's Vacation

Hammock time.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Amber & Authentic Indian Cuisine

Jimmy sends this photo of a delightful and authentic Indian treat.

I can only assume he is bringing these with him when he comes out for a River visit.  I bet Diana will be excited.  I bet she ate lots of Dough Boy paratha on her trip to India.