Sunday, August 1, 2010

Amber & Somewhere, In There

We're actually amazingly hard to find on the Google Maps.  If you type in our road address, Google finds us at that address, but in the town with the same name in New Jersey.  That is not where we are.

We are definitely somewhere in this image.

We are in the trees on the River bank,across from the very edge of that little island.  You can't see us waving because it is raining and we are inside on the screen porch having a tray.


Amy said...

I can see the tray. Tomorrow when I have Most Hectic Day Ever I will think of y'all and your trays and your beverages and your naps and general relaxation and I will draw strength from it.

Emma said...

What is on this "tray"? I imagine bevies and a tasty snack such as cheeses and prosciutto or perhaps little crispy fishes.

ALH said...

Oh, the tray will so totally be a blog post unto itself. Or several blog posts unto themselves.

You are very close.