Friday, August 6, 2010

Amber & Light Tray

After heavy morning snacking, our Tray is lighter today.

Bread share ciabatta slices with bruschetta, open-faced rosemary toasts with farm share basil and sliced tomatoes (plus marinated mozzerella on mine, roasted red peppers on Nick's), stuffed olives, sliced pickles, cous cous salad with green beans, apples, plum, cukes and sundried tomatoes, and sliced watermelon.


Alison said...

Is the watermelon for the cats?? Look, it is one of my favorite Internet Cats in a watermelon vid - he seems far less interested in it than many other Internet Cats:

Amy said...

In accepted tray behaviors, how does one deal with something in a bowl like the cous cous? Does everyone get their own small tray plate? I had envisioned direct sampling and need to be sure I'm picturing the right behaviors. (I'm so happy you're having a wonderful time!!!)