Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Amber & Four Updates

1.  Pickles Update

When we visited the little guy last night, he was pretty sad.  He had yanked out his own catheter, so they had us try to get him to eat.  He waited until the vet tech was out of the room and then gobbled down some wet food.  Then, they gave him a sedative and he fell asleep in my arms.

Last night, though, he still wasn't peeing on his own so they put him back on the catheter.  My poor, poor curly fellow.  Please continue to think healthy thoughts for him?

2.  Losses in the War Against the Insects
I have been eaten alive by mosquitos.  See, for example, the back of my neck in the above photo.

3.  Yesterday's Tray

Chips, salsa, leftover steak*, stuffed and cracked olives, assorted crackers, roasted peppers, one mozzerella, and tappenade.

*Steak was grilled on Saturday night.

4.  Grilling
Steak was grilled on Saturday night.  It was delicious, as was the grilled farm share bok choy and accompanying salad.

We did not eat the citronella candle.  But, I wish we had burned it.  See #2 above.


Emma said...

Oooh! Poor Pickles. He does look distinguished in his E collar though.

Dude - eat more garlic and light that darn candle.

Amy said...

It's really good that Pickles is getting the loving care he needs.