Sunday, August 22, 2010

Amber & It's Pouring

Dear Readers, I am having a hard time.  First, as loyal readers know, Pickles has been struggling with his third UTI this year.

He seemed to be getting better-- he was back to his incessant mewing to play and caught two flies in the bathroom.  But this morning at 5 am, he woke me up with his Litter Box Tour.  He was going from box to box, and several spots in between, scratching and straining, with only tiny, tiny results.  (And some of those results were actually on my shoes-- a stinky reminder that I should have put them away.)  I'm watching him closely today to make sure he is still going.  But, he only has to days left of meds and it seems like he should be better by now, you know?  I worry about my fragile little guy, you know?

 And then, my kitty boyfriend Woody was hospitalized yesterday with pneumonia.  I recognized the huffing and puffing we saw last year when he had the same woes and took him to Schaubhut for a diagnosis.  Schaubhut did an x-ray and recommended hospitalization since he was having so much trouble breathing and should be put on IV meds and in an oxygen tank.  So, that's where he is.  And he sure wasn't happy about it.  (growl)

At least he had a nice time eating salad at the River.  Maybe he has nice kitty memories of that?

So, my two boys, one old and one just a baby, are having a hard time.  Which means, since we all share in the same joyful existence and are made of the same stuff, I am having a hard time.

Also, I worry.  You know?


Alison said...

Oh my! Poor boys! I am so sorry for all the worry and stress and sickyness. I sure hope both of them come through okay, and I will be thinking of them and you.


ALH said...

Thanks, Alison. Hugs are much appreciated.

Alison said...

You can have as many as you need.

Emma said...

Oh no!! Poor kitty boys. I hope they are both well soon.

Hugs from this West Coastie too.