Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Amber & Special Days

What makes today, a wet and rainy New York day, special?

Woody is at home.

We had a pretty rough night, what with all the eating he needed to do because of the appetite stimulants, and a little bit of wheezing and a whole of lot of adjusting to being home again and needing to be near the momma.  But, he is home.  And he is special.

And I am glad to count this special guy amongst my best friends.  I love him so much.

(Sometimes I sleep with my glasses on so I can see better in my dreams.  Plus, I was not sleeping there.  I was just laying down and resting my eyes.)


Nick said...

Happy Birthday!

Amy said...

I love that Woody boy. He is special and fine.

Emma said...

He is so cute and sleepy with his shaved leg.

Alison said...

I want to give Woody many hugs and cuddles.