Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Amber & Kitty Update

The cats all seem to be enjoying the River House just as much as their human companions.  Although we are still facing some adjustment issues (mostly manifest in Woody's paw in my face right before dawn and then pretty much straight through until I get out of bed, or in Pickles catching--but not killing--three mice, including one he brought and released in the bed last night), they have settled in and are enjoying the indoor features of our vacation retreat.  Key among these boons is the double-sized couch.

Although just yesterday, Beth, Nick and I were discussing how we would modify the couch to take up less of the living room, the cats seem pleased that the sofa is large enough that all four can comfortably lay on it with lots of space between them.  Or, with no space between them.

Togetherness is a key component of River Time for both people and cats.  See, for example, Beth and Nick's inner tube time yesterday.

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