Thursday, August 26, 2010

Amber & Even Bigger Birthday Booty

Last night, in addition to a quieterly breathing Woody, I got this novelty t as a present from Nick.

See?  There's a doggie riding a bike with a kitty in the basket.  And, under my pointing hand, there is a birdie flying along with them and some trees.  (It's like this shirt and this one got together and had a green baby.)  Nick pointed out the doggie can't really reach the pedals, but we know they must be coasting because there is a little motion cloud coming out of the back tire.  Cute, and dynamic.  (Also note I am wearing the Alison hedgie today to mix it up, cutie-animal-style.)

Also, I got Thai food and this book from CRD.  It has that poem in it that makes me cry.

But really, everything makes me cry this week.


Alison said...

See how much everyone just hearts you?

Emma said...

Maybe you're just full of water?

ALH said...

You mean, Emma, that water is what is causing my even bigger birthday booty?


ALH said...

Also, did you notice, gifting ladies, that I am wearing the dish towel on my head?

Alison said...

I wondered what that was. Funny lady.

ALH said...

I just watched Jimmy Stewart read that poem again. And sobbed.