Sunday, August 8, 2010

Amber & Wanted: Well Wishes

Can everybody take a moment to think healthy, happy thoughts for poor Pickles?

His health took an unhappy turn and, instead of lounging on the screen porch watching birds and chasing bugs or roaming through the yard eating the omnipresent kitty salad, our curly forever-baby buddy is in the pet hospital, getting a little help unblocking his pee paths.  With good care, a large invoice, and a little luck, the boy should be unblocked and back here at the River with us in a couple of days.

We just want the little guy to feel better.

(Photos of Baby Pickles by James)

I love him.  Please send him your healing thoughts?


Nick said...

Get better little buddy!

chewins said...

I wish the little guy to get better! I am so sorry to hear that he sicky!!

Alison said...

Many many healing thoughts out to little Pickles, and supportive ones to you Amber. Please keep us posted.

Emma said...

Get better Pickles! You're too cute to have pee path problems.

Amy said...

Pickles, you are a strong boy. Get better soon. We love you.