Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Amber & A Penny Saved

How can you tell I am on a savings plan?  Because I bought this face wash for $4.99 at Trader Joe's instead of my usual product for seven times the price.

Yes, I did also buy a pack of heirloom tomatoes and some artisnal bread, but that was probably cheaper than a burrito or whatever else lunch delivery I often get.

What am I saving up for?  Emergencies?  More vet bills?  Why, I am saving for a Wee House.

I am $27 closer (well, $26 because I also did buy a blue eyeshadow in the clearance bin at Duane Reade today) to owning my very own River House.  Of course, that still leaves me quite a way and a plot of land away.  But, baby steps.


Nick said...


Alison said...

That house is super cute. I want one too. We can build them next door to each other.

I should also be saving but make-up is one area where I adamantly refuse to be thrifty. But since I never go to the movies or concerts or out drinking, I figure I can instead spend those funds on Dior and Nars and whatnot.