Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Amber & Birthday Booty

So, today is also my birthday.  And I got some stuff.

Yesterday, I got a very sweet card from my Auntie Carol.  It was so heart-felt that it made me super happy inside. Also, I got this super heart-felt post from CRD.

Then, this morning,  I got this super cutie hedgie necklace from Nick along with a rubber hedgie stamp.  (Just you wait until I mail you something.  Stamp!)

Then, I got this pretty headpiece (they call these "fascinators" I think) and some kitty highlighters from Alison and this loaf of yumminess and a burping cloth for after I eat the loaf (see my shoulder) from Emma.

And, I this awesome handy-crafted lavendar and flax pillow from Emma.  I think it supposed to be for eyes, but it smells so good I might use it as a nose pillow.

And, then I got this adorable hedgie necklace (! the sign of the perfect gift is multiplicity!) and some chocolates which I am eating right now from Alison.

Thank you, everybodies.  And, if you are wondering what a girl does with TWO hedgie necklaces?  I think she celebrates that she now has an earring option, maybe wears one as an anklet or keeps one in her hedgie shrine at home, but is really, really delighted to have friends that know her so well and are so thoughtful and giving.


Emma said...

It's totally for eyes but I snuggle mine under my pillow sometimes.

ALH said...

Are you saying I can't use it as a nose pillow?

Alison said...

You are in hedgie heaven.

I hope you liked the chocolate! I loooove that place and those little bars are the perfect snacky size.

Emma said...

You can absolutely use it as a nose pillow. Just don't suffocate yourself accidentally.