Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kitty Cousins!

Today is the birthday of the Kevin cats.  They are turning 11 which makes them officially Old Guys.

Good thing this one is already a wise, distinguished gray.

He is so handsome I could die.  Look at that first-class daintiness with the one paw outstretched.

And I am glad to hear this inky one shows no signs from retiring from his career as a super hero, The Silky Torpedo.

Last year on their tenth birthday, they got sardines and the black cat sure got to practice being a torpedo under Kevin's feet.  I wonder if Kevin is repeating the treats, or if he got too torpedoed.

I love these kitties.  It's nice to think of them as part of the extended family.  They are such loving, special beasts.

I know they bring Kevin and Diana lots of joy.  And they do me as well.

All photos are by Cat Photographer, James.  There's an amazing set here.


CRD said...

Happy Birthday little buddies! You are the answer to the riddle: What walks on four legs backwards in the morning, four legs frontwards at noon, and four legs frontwards again in the evening. Birthday!

Anonymous said...

I love kitties with attitude.

Alison said...

Happy birthday kitties!

Are those built-in recessed floor-to-ceiling shelves in the background of that one pic? I am insanely jealous.

Kevin said...

Thank you for the lovely tribute. The beasts deserve it. And it cheers me up.