Sunday, July 25, 2010

Amber & What I Did On My Summer Vacation

I took a vacation from blogging this weekend to rest my creative word energies for all of the exciting posts to come when we arrive at the River next weekend.  (Cats!  Cocktails!  Friends!  Happy times in lawn furniture!)  Instead, I used my creative hands energies to sew a bunch of stuff.

First, I made this swell dress/top modeled on Le Sac, which you may remember if you visited me on bed rest.

A few notes about this photo.  First, notice how I match the small decorator pillows on the couch?  Next, have you any idea how hard it is to auto-time a photo of your whole body from your laptop?  A little behind the blog secret?  Sometimes, it doesn't work quite right and quite a few photos are left on the cutting room floor.

(Do you feel closer to me now that I have shared the secrets behind my art?)

And, I made this bolster pillow out of the leg of a pajama that spit at the seams.

I am demonstrating one possible usage to Nick.  Mostly, though, I intend to use it behind my knees.  But, that would have required an even more complicated photography session.  But, you get the general idea.

I also made a bunch of little sacks of cat nip.  But those had to be hidden away as soon as they were made lest they be eaten.

Sew much sewing!  (Get it?  Sew!  Homonyms!)


Alison said...

Don't let Kevin M read your blog or he will tell you these photos are totally inappropriate.

But you look super cute and your sewing skills and auto-timed-photo skills and matchy-matchy skills are all impressive.

Terri Beth said...

thank you for the monday morning laugh. ;)

also, i love the bolster. mad skillz.

ALH said...

Alison, how would Kevin M think they are they inappropriate? I thought his thing was inappropriate dress in the office. I am not in the office in either of these shots.

And, since I have about two yards of fabric left, I can't wait to see what else matchy-matches with my pillows and dress.

Anonymous said...

Bloomers? I think a matching set of bloomers would be fabulous.

Good work on getting crafty! And using up your stash. I need to do that...

Alison said...

He would tell you anything you do anywhere at any time is inappropriate. He says it's inappropriate for my cat to groom herself in front of the window.