Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Amber & Surprise for Kevin's Cats!

Surprise, kitty boys!

Erl baked you a cake!

But, since you live in New York and your cake is was in San Francisco, and also since you don't eat chocolate cake, she gave it to Alison for her birthday.  (Happy Birthday, Alison!)

But, just pretend, boys, that you got cake when you eat your wet food tonight.  Nom nom nom.

Still: Surprise!


Kevin said...

Only in California could strawberries get that large.

Alison said...

That cake was so damn good. Emma rules.

Sorry we couldn't FedEx some out to the NY office.

Kevin said...

I will be hungry for weeks looking at pictures of that cake. A bit of drooling, perhaps, too.

ALH said...

It has homemade strawberry jam inside of it.

Kevin said...

"Has"? Alas. Had.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the cake love, kids. And happy birthday, again, Alison!!