Thursday, July 22, 2010

Amber & Farm Share Week 7

Pickling cukes, slicing cukes, zucchinis, sweet green peppers, Italian frying peppers, green beans, white onions, beats and greens, kale, lettuce, whole grain loaf, seasonal delicacy m'smen and eggs. Oh and Ginger.


Alison said...


ALH said...

There's a photo on my bread program's site here . And they explain it thusly:

The newest addition to the HBK line, M’smen has been a huge hit with everyone who has tasted it. M’smen is a buttery, flaky Moroccan flatbread that melts in your mouth. Ours is pure and simple; made with organic wheat flour, semolina, and of course, butter. In Morocco, M’smen is traditionally eaten for breakfast with honey. It can also be prepared as a savory treat with caramelized onions and parsley or spiced ground lamb folded between the thin layers of dough. M’smen is always our first bread to sell out at markets.

Alison said...

Holy hell, that sounds good.

Anonymous said...

Yeah it does. I want some m'smen. With lamb in it. Baaaaa.

Also - do you pickle?

ALH said...

Alison, I did the honey breakfast thing this morning and it was SUPER yum. I heated it up on the stove top.

Emma, I do not pickle, but I might try some simple refrigerator pickles this week. Any suggestions?