Monday, July 5, 2010

Amber & Six Things At 6 am

1.  What can possibly happen when you are on bed rest and leave your chewy beast alone with two rolls of paper towels?

Shreddy mayhem.  What are those blurs under the drying rack?  Why that is Ginger and Woody rolling around with crazy head in piles of shreds.

2.  Not being as active as I usualy am, I was thrilled to discover this use of my skills while prone.

I am going to excel at this.  I wonder how to interpret Mrs. Tiggy Winkle while asleep.  I bet Miss Tiggy Winkle can help me.

3.  Why am I craving a chili dog at 6 am?

(Photo of my hertiage food, a Capitol Lunch dog, by Candice)

4.  Who knew some kitties had boggled eyes?

5.  What did we do when we had insomnia before LOLcats?


Alison said...

This bed rest has been good for your blogging. You're very entertaining when you're losing your mind.

Emma said...

I'll add interpretive sleeping to your job description. Although, you don't seem to be sleeping very much...

ALH said...

I slept all day on Friday and now wake up at 3 am. I am averaging about four hours of sleep tonight.