Thursday, June 7, 2012

Amber & You Don't Know Me

Listen, Internet Marketers.  You don't know everything about me.  I cannot be reduced to an algorithm.

Sure, I love crime shows.  I have recently completed watching Season 1 of Law & Order on Netflix, for example.  (Amazing, by the way.  And Timely.)

And I like shows about Ladies With Careers.  Everybody knows I can't get enough of that Liz Lemon or that Leslie Knope.  (And that Amy Poehler is my new fashion icon.)

And, sure one of my favorite shows features a lady detective and a lady medical examiner.

(I even watched that damn show with the desperate housewife where she would be sawing on a dead body with her hair all willy nilly. And super soft and glamorous looking. And so unsanitary.)

So, sure: a crime show with career ladies seems like the perfect fit for my interests.

But, I have absolutely no interest in Rizzoli & Isles people. None.  Whatsoever.  You can keep serving me ads for it when I go to buy my lunch, and telling me that people who watched shows I have favorited also loved it, but I am not going to try it.  No way*. This show looks terrible.

Unless CRD has seen it and thinks I would like it. Then, I would definitely give it a try.


Alison said...

I so agree on Rizzoli and Isles. And I actually like Sasha Alexander (though Angie Harmon can kiss my bum), but that show is It plays on so many lame-o cliches. It's a "buddy cop show" where instead of two people of different races or age groups, you've got the "tough chick who is cool because she is confused by GIRL STUFF" and the "girly chick who is cool because she likes creepy stuff" and also, what fucking cops wear spike heels while working? No.

Also, early L&O rock the house. I have the first five years on DVD and watch them all the time when there's nothing else on.

ALH said...

At least on Castle, the lady examiner wears a medical bonnet when she is looking the corpses? The glamor hair dangling over the gross wounded body kills me. And the heels these cops wear! Their dogs must be barking Or, their piggies are squealing?

Alison said...

Their lions are roaring? Their bears are growling? Their hyenas are...hyenaing?

CRD said...

Rizzoli & Isles is a great example of what happens when you use the Create A Police Procedural App. It has all the right ingredients: buddy cops, B story lines, meddling mothers, and bad accents. I like watching it the same way I like sitting in a hammock - mindless amusement with just a minimum requirement of agility. TNT. They know drama.

ALH said...

But do they know drama? Because a funny skit on "The Day After" program I watch on Hulu involves showing scenes from Rizzoli & Isles with a laugh track dubbed over it. They seem to suggest the show is unintentionally HI-LARRY-US.