Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Amber & Success vs. Failure

This playing thing is hard work.  There have been some minor successes, though.  For example, the new game we call Chair Mouse.  To play, the kitty sits on the folding chair and I move Flatty McMousington around, in between the slats of the seat, through the back and peeking around the sides.

Pickles actually is the key Chair Mouse player, but he absolutely refused to do be enticed on camera.  Of course, we had just played for about forty minutes before I got the idea to film.  So, he might have been a little pooped.  Ginger stepped up as a wonderful understudy.

Figure A:

The chair, as it turns out, is key to the efficacy of the game in soothing kitty anxiety.  Played, for example, on a kitty resting place, and it actually may increase kitty anxieties.

Figure B:

Kitty play FAIL.


Emma said...

Get 'im, Woody!

The Daily Kirk said...

This is a very revealing look into your home life.

ALH said...

You mean, The Daily Kirk, because you can see my sock monkey night shirt? I mean, you know I am a Crazy Cat Lady already.