Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Amber & Top Foods Challenge: Day Two

I love brunch.  I love not eating first thing I wake up, and I love making a mid-morning meal into a social event (even if "social" just means me and a book at Plum Pomidor).  And, readers of this blog know how much I love La Palapa.

My visitors are sure to be treated to a meal at La Palapa--either the eastern or western options, depending on how much said visitors enjoy walking and how tolerant of east village youth I am feeling.  (Also, there is a waiter at the east one with the most beautiful hair ever.)  All of the breakfast options are great but must be accompanied by café de olla, the orangey sweet deliciousness that makes, if you can believe it, coffee even better.

My favorite brunch option is to get the brunch special and upgrade the coffee to the café de olla on my second cup.  The brunch special also comes with a bloody mary (or bloody maria if you have a better relationship with tequila than I do) or michelada, fresh fruit (you can have my pineapple and mango), and then your choice of entrees.  I recommend the huevos rancheros con salsa verde.

Eggs, just perfectly runny, on delicious fresh tortillas with tons of queso fresco and crema, swimming in a sea of the most delicious salsa verde ever (I could just eat a bowl of the salsa verde and be happy).  If you visit NYC for two weekends, we might have to go there twice.  I wish they were serving brunch right now.

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Anonymous said...

Mmmmmmm.....I love salsa verde.