Monday, October 25, 2010

Amber & Top Foods Challenge: Day One

Long, long ago, and in a galaxy about six hours by direct flight away, Erl (aka Isaac) issued a challenge to create a list of my favorite New York eats.  Herewith, my first entry to that list of things you absolutely, positively should not visit New York without putting in your mouth.

1. Ramen, especially the Akamaru Modern variety, from Ippudo.

(Photos by James)

Yes, the wait can be ridiculous, but it's worth it to skip lunch and get there right at five.  The ramen are that good.  Frankly, I think it's a better bowl than Momofuku (if you want David Chang, go to Ssäm Bar for lunch.)  The appetizers are good, yes, but the ramen are amazing.

Also, you may want to bring James since he takes such great photos of ramen.  And since you are bringing James you may want to bring me since I eat such great ramen.


Anonymous said...

Excellent start! I demand that you take me to ramen when I visit (someday).

ALH said...

Yes, ma'am. I reciprocally demand that you come visit (someday).