Friday, May 6, 2011

Amber & The Winner(s) Is

Remember my bag of coins?

Well, Erl sure gets bragging rights as the person to come closest with her guess of $12.34.

 Actual total?  $12.12, which included 54 dimes, 83 nickles, and 257 pennies.

If we are playing by Price Is Right rules, and I did fail to specify which rules we were playing by, Alison wins with her guess of $9.67, closest without going over.

Kevin, with his guess of $400, gets honorable mention for being completely crazy pants.

Thanks for playing, even if you did not win a prize (any of you, because there were no prizes).  See you back here next year for more coin redemption fun!


Alison said...

Well, this is convenient. Emma and I will be seeing each other today, so we can fight to the death to determine the real winner!!!

Or not. :P

aberner said...

This is a funny post. That's what I say.

Erl said...