Monday, October 31, 2011

Amber & Alternative Medicine for Alternative Patients

Woody had a rough couple of weeks. I came back from my trip west to find him well-taken care of and in good shape. But two days later, his breathing started to get rough and noisy and we had to start another course of steroids. The steroids seemed to help a wee bit, but, until this weekend, the boy was still having several coughing attacks each day.

So, we decided to try acupuncture. After all, it's worked for me and my various ailments. And there's a whole organization that supports the use of the poking cure in animals.  And, it's not cheap, but neither are emergency visits to the regular vet. If we could avoid one of those, it would pay for several acupuncture treatments. So, we interviewed a few folks and eventually found one who seemed to understand the goals: stabilizing his health so he was comfortable and managing for longer-term care. No miracles. Just Happy Woody.

Here is Woody BEFORE acupuncture.

Alert,  eating well and generally happy but with rattly breath sounds. Also, sporting giant rabbit feet.

AFTER (the video itself is not upside down).

He was very good during the needling. He did try to get up a couple of times, but when I would sort of add a bit of pressure on him, he sort of resign himself to it and close his eyes.  Afterward, he took really long sink hands (the titular water delivery devices got all wrinkly) and then ate a giant lunch.  And he has been sleeping ever since with deep, clear, and somewhat rapid breaths.

Interesting to note there was no variance in how absolutely adorable he was BEFORE vs. AFTER.

I luff him.


Amy said...

good stuff. I approve.

Alison said...

I <3 this kitty without ever even having met him. He is powerful!

Aaaaaaaaamberrrrrrrrrrrrr! Call me this weekend! :)