Thursday, April 19, 2012

Amber & Happy Birthday, Girla

Happy birthday to my special Tiggy Winkle girl.

I am so thankful to have had her kitty friendship for the past fourteen years. Nobody is more dainty, enamored of high up places, or stealthy when it comes to hiding under sheets. She may be knock-kneed, a little arthritic, and unfriendly with strangers, but she's my girl. And I luff her.

I've given Tiggy three birthday kisses on her little head: one for her, one to remember Lucie, and for Woody who I still miss very much.  My three bestest kitty friends.

Happy birthday, baby cats.


Nick said...

I sure love that girl!

Alison said...

Happy birthday, Miss Tiggy! Sending snuggles from afar :)

Jimmi said...

I'd give her a belly kiss, but she'd scratch out my medulla oblongata,