Monday, December 6, 2010

Amber & Black-Eyed Ambers

Also, why do I have black eyes today?  Not the usual black circles under the eyes (I know why I get those), but really dark circles around my eyes, specifically darkest on the bridge of my nose?

They're even darker than they look there--the Photobooth flash really washes them out.

Possible theory:


Alison said...

Did you go to sleep with eye makeup on? I often wake up with that stuff because while I do wash my face (or at least, use a Garnier cleansing cloth) at night, I usually don't bother scrubbing off all the eyeliner and mascara.

If that's not it, I vote for boxing cats. They do tend to be active at night, you know.

ALH said...

I did not! I did not wear any make up yesterday, it being the Day of Resting My Glamorousness. Also, I took a bath followed by a shower (because baths do NOT get you clean, after all) last night before bed.

It HAS to be boxing cats.

Alison said...

Which one do you think did it? Or did they all team up?

Bad kitties!

ALH said...

I am watching them all very carefully tonight, waiting for some clue as to whodonnit. So far, they all are acting pretty innocent.

Emma said...

That picture clearly implicates Pickles. Pickled Herring!

Also - I also observe a day of makeup resting on Sundays. It's the Lord's day, after all.