Monday, December 20, 2010

Amber & I Know What Girls Like

My office (well, Kevin and I) has a holiday tradition (well, we did it this year) of participating in the Holiday Toy Drive sponsored by the amazing Coalition for the Homeless.  When I worked at Tap Dance Monthly, we did a similar thing but I sort of like the idea that my gift is anonymous this year.  I like the idea of someone who knows the children matching gifts just as much as I liked picking nice things for Baby Jymmy (who is now3-1/2 years old) based on how many Y's there are in his name.

The Coalition for the Homeless has an amazing Wish List, sorted by age group and gender, to inspire your gift-giving. I picked "12 and Up Girls" because that's a super hard age, even if you have a home.  And those poor girls are maybe even more aware of their situations than younger children.  Plus, I got to go to Claire's Accessories.

Actually, the store was a little overstimulating.  There is sure alot of bling in that store.  I managed to find three nice pairs of "Hoop Earrings," one "Charm Bracelet" (with butterfliesI love butterflies!) and a set of bangle bracelets which were not on the Wish List, but I see around my neighborhood on the girls alot.

I really like this holiday tradition and program.  And there is still time for you, dear reader, to participate!  They even take cash gifts if you've vowed to stay out of the stores this week.  It makes me super happy.

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