Saturday, January 8, 2011

Amber & Winter Sharing

Despite my fashingles, the associated skin pain, and the now four-day headache, I ventured out today to get my penultimate CSA winter share.

And it was so totally worth it.  Carrots, beets, potatoes, onions, frying greens, apples of two varieties, on-cob popcorn (you remove it before you pop it, Jimmy), a butternut squash, eggs, frozen kale, frozen squash puree, frozen blueberries, frozen golden tomatoes and frozen roma tomatoes, and a cup of coffee from Sugar CafĂ©.

My fashingles are going to be so well fed.

Also, we are calling them fashingles now, thanks to Erl.


Alison said...

I hope all those frozen items were supposed to be frozen, and weren't just frozen because of the weather :)

Also, steamed kale with other steamed veggies (like the carrots and squash) is very yummy.

erlthegirl said...

Fashingles suck. But that winter bounty sounds pretty awesome!

Amy said...

What a bounty!