Thursday, September 29, 2011

Amber & Boundary Issues

Although I mocked Hurricane Irene's immediate effects on my neighborhood, she actually did leave some damage in her wake which I discovered the following week during a heavy downpour.  And then, I get to rediscover her wrath when I come home after a rainy day like today.

My air conditioner mysterious became a running faucet during moderate to heavy rain storms.  That is, there is one spot where water actually runs (it does not merely drip) out of it, onto the window sill, onto the floor.  (My dad's theory is that it got jostled in the storm so that the front is lower than the back.  Damn you, mayor Bloomberg for not warning me about the consequences of leaving it in.)  The rain water river then makes a b-line for any power strips or computer equipment it can saturate. The floor today was slightly more lake-like than river-esque, probably because by the time I got home it had stopped raining.

Photographing flooding on your floor with an iPhone is really challenging, mostly because it just looks like the floor is shiny (vs. wet) and also because it's hard to avoid getting giant Pickles fur-bunnies in the shot and thereby revealing you haven't vacuumed this week.  But here is an overhead shot that my friends at NASA took with their satellite that can see through ceilings.

Pickles fur shows up as brown on satellite photography and faux hardwood floors look green.

Additionally, there is a menacing hole in paint and wet mark in the bedroom ceiling that leaks water right on top of the armoir (next to where my wireless router lives!).

And, there is an area of the bedroom wall that "sweats" as rain sinks through the bricks outside and saturates the plaster.

Anyhow, I am done mopping up today's wetness and will wash the 12 towels I used tomorrow in case it rains again over the weekend (and this time, maybe I will just leave the towels down?).  And, someday, maybe, I will be strong enough to fix the AC or my super will really come and do something about the holes.  Or, I will move.

Or, I'll continue to use tons of towels and have a bit too much of the outside coming in every now and then?

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Alison said...

Oh no! What a mess Nature has given you. I'm sorry to hear about all this.

As I have in the past due to other problems in your abode, I support the idea of moving. But that is a big thing so hopefully your super will actually be super for once.

Ha ha I funny.