Monday, September 19, 2011

Amber & Go Aprons

During Hurricane Irene, I was introduced to the term "go bag."  Although the name is all modern and squared puffy NYC letters, the concept is, of course, not new to me.  I have long thought about what I would put in my Cloverfield Monster Escape Sack.  And the answer is, and has always been: kitties.

But having four kitties presents HUGE problems.  How do I get all four kitties out of the apartment in case of alien just-hatched JJ Abrams baby monster thing?  Or in the less likely event of fire?

That huge problem?  Erl just solved it.  May I present the Safe Babies Apron?

"Oh!  What's that?  The sound of the Cloverfield Monster roaring?  Come on, kitties.  Time to evacuate.  One of you in each pocket."

"Good thing I specially modified the pockets with velcro closures to keep Ginger from jumping out and running up to the monster and rubbing his face on it."  (Zipper would be more secure, but, because I would be clearly in panic mode during use, more prone to ears being zipped in.)

Now, skeptics among you might think the kitties won't like this very much.  I bet they'll like it alot more than getting eaten by some giant thing with emotionless bug eyes.  Or, being thrown into a backpack all together.  Or, being stuffed all four into a Sherpa bag.

"Everybody in your pocket?  Okay, let's get on the bike and head for the GWB because there is no way the monster is coming to Fort Lee, New Jersey.  I mean, maybe Hoboken or Jersey City.  Or up the Hudson, but he won't ever bother with Fort Lee."

Maybe you're just having trouble visualizing it.

There?  See what a good idea this?  I've already emailed for a price inquiry into my desired qty (1).


Alison said...

Most awesome blog post ever. I might suggest those little plastic claw-caps for the kitties as well, so as to avoid your back and front becoming a bloody version of a Pollock painting...

Erl said...

The dimension on that list image really sold me. Look at how calm both Woody and Pickles are!

Diana said...

This is insane and awesome.