Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Amber & Collectibles

I like to say I don't really collect things, and make "air quotes" around the word collect to show that I think collections take up space, require excessive amount of dusting, and are wastes of money. But, let's face it: I collect cats, shoes, and sometimes cat shoes (although, really, I do still think these are pandas, no matter what the box said or even if the sleeping right one has one gray eye patch).

And, my sister recently introduced me to another phenomenon which combines several more of my favorite elements: jewelry, blown glass, my namesake hardened sap, woodland magic times, and pretty Nordic things.  I present Trollbeads.

Yes, the "tiny treasures" song is way, way too much, but how darned cute is Lise?  And the footage of her family from the 70s?

My sister started this collection for me.  She has a lovely bracelet of her own which includes gifts from Auntie Carol and our mom.

And then, with a really thoughtful gift from Jimmy and this lovely photo he took (over ramen), my bracelet is shaping up, too.

So, henceforth, instead of saying that I don't collect things, I will say I don't collect unamazing things.


Alison said...

Those are totally pandas. But pandas are also awesome!

ALH said...

I agree that they are pandas, but a number of people have pointed out that the sleeping one has one gray eye patch, something not seen in pandas in the real, non-shoe world. But, really, you never see pandas on your feet outside the shoe world.

Alison said...

Maybe he's a pirate panda? It's possible...