Monday, March 19, 2012

Amber & Things In Bloom

One thing I will say about the fact that the earth is hurtling down a path of man-made climate change that will end with me living in one of those undersea bubble kingdoms (you know, when Stuytown is covered by ice cap melted ocean?) is that this ridiculously early and unnatural spring is sure pretty.  Take, for example, these lovely guys in the foreground which Diana tells me are called lenten roses.

I'm a little concerned for those tree friends who don't seem to have lost their leaves from last fall, but maybe that's what kind of tree they are?  And these ones were especially pretty.

Although astute observers may note that the windows of the apartment behind it are larger-than-usual and therefore call fowl that I ventured into Cooper Village to photograph these.

I was already in love with the purple and white winter heath when these little tulip guys started popping up in between them, making the planters along the oval even prettier.

And then these guys continue to bloom heartily in their alpine, cat-proof location atop the bookshelves.

Thank you, giver of pretty flowers.  You know who you are, although I almost did not because you forgot to sign your name on the card.

And then this rare flower is just starting to wake up from hibernation.

Notice its curly fronds and pink nose bud?

Spring is the best when it comes after winter.  Too bad there won't be flowers in my undersea bubble world.  Sea weed doesn't really bloom, I guess.

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Alison said...

These are such lovely pictures, Amber. I, too, as a good tree-hugging hippie leftie, have a wee bit of inner turmoil over being happy with Spring stuff when it shouldn't yet be time for Spring stuff...but it's so pretty!

Actually, out here we had some serious rain the past week or so, which was good because before that we'd had basically no rain all winter. Drought flashbacks for Californians...

I am happy to see you blogging, even if it is about impending underwater residency.