Friday, July 27, 2012

Amber & The Greatest Art of All

For Nick's birthday, James gave Nick this amazing t-shirt.

Ghandi, the cow, and the spinning wheel are all cut and sewn felt pieces.  And the stitch work is absolutely amazing.

I was already glad Nick was born, but even more glad when the anniversary of his birth resulted in me getting to see this amazing art.  Win win!

Then, imagine how wholly blown away with thankfulness for both Nick's birth and James's commemoration of it when I, too, was gifted with an amazing work of art?  Win win win!

Amazing.  Look at how much work went into conveying the quintessential curliness of Pickles!

These amazing wearable art pieces are made by the amazing Melody Sia.  How she came to capture the spirit of Ghandi, Tiggy, Pickles and Ginger so amazingly well is absolutely beyond my comprehension.

Really, these t-shirts are a sort of wearable metonym for my life.  My shirt is the epicenter of my thankfulness for my friends like Nick, my appreciation of the kindess and generosity and sense of fun friends like James offer, and how freaking much i just love having kitties around me.  Or, specifically, having them on the front of my chest.

Bravo, friends.  And bravo, art.

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Alison said...

Those shirts are amazing, seriously. Yay art and friends and stuff!