Friday, July 13, 2012

Amber & Night Out

Usually, when we are at the River, having a night out means throwing some pizzas on the grill and sitting at the picnic table until the barely-see-ems get the better of me and I retreat inside because I can't physically carry the weight of any more OFF! spray.

But last night, we went out to the Water Wheel Café in celebration of Diana's birthday.

Here is a casual shot I took of the three friends during our meal.

Diana wore the same outfit to her birthday dinner that she wore to the Lady Bug Release at the M’Finda Kalunga community garden, home to our weekly CSA pick ups.  (I didn't comment on this to her directly.  She was the birthday girl after all.  And, anyway, it was weirder Nick kept his hat and sunglasses on inside for the whole meal.)

Jimmy took some amazing photos of that event which are worth seeing.

Even if my face is really asymmetrical in all of the ones in which I appear.

Happy birthday, Diana.


Diana said...

Thanks for the birthday shout-out Amber! The Water Wheel fare was delicious, the portions were suburban, and we drank coffee after dinner like our grandparents did (a vision of the future!) My only complaint is that there weren't as many lady bugs as at M'finda Kalunga a few weeks back.

P.S. James, I wanna see more photos of the lady bug release!

ALH said...

I fixed the link to the James photos!