Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Amber & 3 A.M.

Why is it that, lately, my cats are so completely awake and mewingly insistent that I, too, start my day at 3 a.m.?

Could it be the afternoon naps they take on the sofa?

Or the fact that some  of them never seem to leave the red donut all day long?

Or perhaps some of them spend the day conserving their mews for the witching, pre-dawn hours?

It's a plot, I tell you.  And thanks to Nick for running daytime recon on their activities.


Alison said...

OMG Zoe does this too. She starts racing around and yowling in the middle of the night. I remember at the shelter when I got her, they said to keep them awake while you're awake so they will sleep more at night. I was like "yeah uh-huh". 1) How do I do that while I'm at work? 2) How do I do that at all? Trying to force a sleeping cat to be awake is a recipe for death.

Emma said...

More structured cativities! Fleece wand! The mouse game with the chair? Oh, who am I kidding...this is why I love my friends' cats but don't have one of my own.

ALH said...

We definitely haven't been doing enrichment in the evenings since I got back--at least not the usually massive amount. So that could be it. We'll try some sustained fleece wand tonight.

Also, Pickles seems to be having trouble finding a sleepy place in the bedroom. I may have to make him a spot in the dresser. Woody won't let him on the bed lately.