Thursday, November 18, 2010

Amber & Necking

If there's one piece of advice about wellness that you take from me (and I understand your hesitancy to do so), it's to keep your neck warm.

Ways of doing that include, wearing cowl necks.  With the neck uncowled.

And, wearing the awesome weird fuzzy Fraggle scarf my mom and dad gave me for Christmas last year.

Here is a close up.

Another way would be to have the heat on in the office, but I can't seem to control that.


Alison said...

I wore a scarf today because the past few days it has been damn cold here and I am doing whatever I can to attempt to stay warm. It's close to impossible.

I've given up on being warm in the office, but it would be nice if the heat in my apartment would work consistently. I may spend another evening under the covers if it's not on when I get home. And complaining loudly to Zoe about how much I hate living here.

ALH said...

I bet Zoe is sympathetic. Cats are desert creatures.

erlthegirl said...

I am loving the look of both together. Nothing says style like major neck coverage.

ALH said...

The neck is totally an ergonomic zone.