Monday, November 15, 2010

Amber & Target Demographic

So, I was just in D.C. overnight for biznusses.  And I stayed at the lovely Quincy hotel, mostly because it was cheap and also right around the corner from where the biznusses were conducted.  (And because my old apartment at the Argonne has probably been rented.)  There were several notable things about the Quincy which I will proceed to note hereforth.

1.  The couch in my room was totally the larger L version of my home couch.  Same fabric, same feet shape, same velcro attachments for the pillows.

Same, same, same-- except less cat fur.  And no sheet covering it to protect it from cats or little decorator pillows or Ginger.

2.  There was a very strange music thing happening, both in that they chose to blast all of the songs from my "HS Memories" playlist in the lobby (see sidebar), but also because, very randomly, there was a Billy Squier album cover on the wall on my floor near the elevator.

True, they never played any Billy Squier in the lobby, but there he was, gazing at me while I waited for the elevator.  This prompted Kevin to say, "This must be a hotel for young people."  And that made me laugh uproariously since that album came out before some of my younger friends were born.

3.  There was a giant mirror against the wall.  (Even bigger than yours, CRD.)  It made me realize that I really need a full length mirror if I am going to avoid making outfit mistakes like that one time I wore the balloon top out in public.  Or, maybe just forgetfully not make outfit choices at all.

4.  In this big mirror, I also noticed that my skirt (seen here with the oddly ruffly sweater, both acquired during my total blogging black out at Outlet Mall Weekend Edition of Awesome Club) matched the orange couch pillows.

Is there such a thing as fate?  Are some matches are meant to be?  E.g.,  My skirt + the couch pillows? Me + The Quincy?  This must be a hotel for me.

 Billy Squier doesn't want me to embed his video as my conclusion, but it's here.  But, we also heard this song in the lobby, and it made me touch my heart in nostalgia and emotion.  And a voice inside my head said, "Don't look back-- you can never look back."

Except at the Quincy.


Alison said...

Wow. An L-shaped couch in your room. Guess it was a bit bigger than the walk-in closet at the Rex :)

ALH said...

It was also significantly cheaper than Hotel Rex, but the shampoo was off-brand and I didn't even steal it.

Alison said...

I'm surprised it was cheaper. When I did travel arrangements, it was impossible to find hotels in DC that were above Motel 6 quality and below Georges V price. Maybe it was the neighborhoods?

ALH said...

I think it was the one-night, Sunday-night stay. Kevin got it on Orbitz. I just don't think people usually travel on Sunday night and then come back on Monday. The hotel was empty. Except for me and Billy Squier.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Also - I had never heard the Grace Jones version of Warm Leatherette! Only the one by The Normal.

ALH said...

I do a great imitation of the Grace Jones version. I will show you some time.

Wwwwwaaaarm... Leatherette.

Alison said...

They used to play that song (not the Grace Jones version) at a couple goth clubs I used to go to, and it was funny watching people mouth the words while they danced. And then the song would be stuck in my head for hourssssssss.