Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Amber & Musical Surprises

So, I was suprised when iTunes announced that, after the Soothing Cat Music album selections and the Ocean Waves background sounds, this is my favorite song ever.

(I absolutely do not think those are the right lyrics.)

I had expected maybe some Kate Bush?  Or "Pictures of You," or that M.I.A. song that I had on repeat for like two days?

Now, it is true that I do add that song to almost every playlist. And that when it comes on, I can't not sing along.  I just can't help myself, even if I look like a crazy person on the A train.  So, yes, I guess it is my favorite?  But it's also true that I never, ever recorded myself singing it.

So really, can my love for the song be THAT deep?


Kevin said...

I think those are precisely the lyrics.

Also, I had forgotten how New Wave the Cult originally was. I rarely listened to Love, but had the much harder rocking Electric in heavy high school rotation.

Not that you care. Or didn't already know that.

ALH said...

I am pretty sure when I sing the song, the lyrics are different.

I had also forgotten how New Wave they were! But I did not forget you liked the latter Cult. This particular Cult song is the green overlap in our yellow and blue Venn circles.

And, I do care.

James said...

Maybe when you sing the lyrics you have Indian-Dude-With-Moisturizer-Syndrome and make up moisturizer brand specific lyrics