Saturday, February 19, 2011

Amber & And Then This Happens

So....  I woke up this morning, and Woody was snuggled up next to me.  When he saw my eyes were opened, he sort of stretched, made clenchy paw and rolled over so I could rub his belly.  It made it a very relaxy and happy morning, and waffles and syrup and listening to aGenius "Chamber Pop" Mix really only deepened my contentment.

I made a weekend to-do list which helped me feel calm and present.  And then I made an exciting Monday afternoon plan with Amy Bee (two boroughs! four cats! several hotdrinks! what more could a day off ask for?) and headed out to do errands.  La la la.  Milk at the Deli.  La la la.  Spoiled Brats for kitty food, a new candle for the bedroom, and to schedule a 40 lb. litter delivery.  La la la.  A new shower curtain liner.  La la la.  And then, I turned onto 176th Street to discover Law Enforcement.

I got a police escort off the block, noticed some activity involving an empty double-parked civilian car, saw lots of officers with what looked like rifles in capri cargo pants and boots running into the different buildings on the block (and then mine), and then got this assuring and timely text from Nick of a bus stop in Boston.

Yes, everything is going to be alright.  Just like those assuring stairs at the Ace Hotel promise, something I always appreciate hearing after a Breslin lamb burger, a couple of their "Sufer Rosa" cocktails,  and a trip to the ladies' room.

So, so true.


Amy said...

Hurrah for plans.

Erl said...

What a start to the weekend!