Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Amber & It Only Hurts When I Exist

I am ridiculous.  I got out of bed on Sunday and discovered I have somehow hurt my knee-- not the trick one but the "good" one.  It hurts when I bend it at angles of 90° or more acute.

I saw the doctor and had an x-ray yesterday, which we fully expect will not show anything.

But insurance requires you get an x-ray before you get an MRI which may then show something.  The doctor says there is a wide range of things that it could be, ranging widely in severity and treatment, so we are not speculating.  Or Googling our symptoms obsessively.  Or doing's symptom checker repeatedly to try to get different diagnoses.

Here is a photo of me at the doctor yesterday.

I'm doing something new with my hair, as you can tell.  And, you can tell from the expression on my face, as Erl warned, it sure hurts when they move your leg around to diagnose the problem.

Remember when I had shingles?


Amy said...

I like your hat in the doc pic.

Emma said...

"Does this hurt? How about this? How about when I do this?"

ALH said...

Amy Bee, I think it's more of a cowl? You know, like the hipsters wear? Hand-knit and made from upcycled alpaca that used to be a soda bottle?

And, Emma, YES. "Can you put more weight on it? Does that hurt more? Put more on it; really lean way in."

Amy said...

Cowl, yes. Plus scowl. Frankly, you are one pissed off looking cat.