Sunday, February 20, 2011

Amber & The Lessons of Gigi

Today, we celebrate second annual Gigi Pooja, the festival of Ginger, Kitty of Chaos and Mystery.

Above all else, Gigi teaches us to accept the chaos swirling around us in life.

Why does he chew the paper towels and make a giant mess?  Because he is Gigi.  And that is what he does.  We shouldn't dwell on the pee on the floor or get angry; that does us no good (and may even make him have more pee problems).  We can clean it and think about what we can do to prevent it in the future (non-clumping clay litter seems to be the solution and has the added benefit of tracking less), but it's not worth stress.  We can accept the chaos in our lives and move on.

And inextricably linked to that chaos is beauty and softness and and warmth and amazing, unconditional love.

Life, and Gigi, aren't always easy.  And we can't always understand them.  But they are amazing gifts we are so glad to have.  And they make us happy.  So, so blessedly happy.

And, Gigi Pooja is about remembering to eat your vegetables.

Because if you don't Ginger will.


Erl said...

Bok choy!

Diana said...

How come his nose looks so precious in picture number two? And he's so fluffy!

ALH said...

Diana, do not ask WHY. Accept it. He is Gigi.

Alison said...

Happy holidays!