Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Amber & The Booty Continues

Christmas just keeps on giving and giving.  Today, I got this love note from the post office, wrapped around a parcel that they had so lovingly delivered.

(seen here with Pickles back legs, tail, and the Ghandi figure from James)

Shockingly, the contents were not completely lost!  I immediately put them on/in my face.

Thank you for the sugar scrub and panforte, Erl.  I had a hard time knowing which to eat and with which to scrub.

Also, thanks to Jimmy for the most wonderful Christmas presents of all.  First, Snapshot Artifact is back up and running.  Next, he photodocumented the gift of fellowship that I shared with Kevin and Diana, Art, Barbara, Tille and Isaac, Peter, Henry, and Mark.  And, he gave me that new icon on the upper right of the page.

AND, if that's not enough to make you think I had the best Christmas haul ever, also thanks to mom and dad for the great new dutch oven.  It's at the office until after the move (and until I actually have an oven again) and then, people, there will be chicken and dumplings.  So, really, invited dinner guests, you should be thanking my mom and dad as well.


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