Friday, December 23, 2011

Amber & Coming and Going

So, yesterday, I saved Ginger's life (and didn't even need a Safe Baby Apron).  I was about to drain the pasta, and Gigi was being a spazz and got underfoot.  The ganglia in my shoulders decided that, rather than let go of the pot and let the boiling water scald the cat--which would be really, really bad--it was better to pull the pot in and hug it to my chest.  Boiling water and tiny elbow pasta (tomanoocheese) splashed all over me and I got a nasty burn which has, today, settled into this nastiness.

My belly button is included for scale.  It's definitely smaller now.  All that is left are the actual blisters--yesterday the whole area was about 4" x 4".

Two things:

1.  Had I not burned myself, Ginger really would have been scalded--and that would have been horrible.  Yes, it hurts, and showering is no longer my fave, but it really is a better option for me to deal with this than have a horribly disfigured cat who can't understand his suffering, right?

2.  Amy Bee has pointed out that maybe I should really just stay out of my kitchen.  I would add to that maybe I should just really not make pasta.

What makes this whole thing more complicated?  My shoulder was cupped yesterday.

See that nasty bruise?  It does feel much better, though.

Also, you have no idea how hard it is to photograph your own shoulder.

Thank goodness that my officemate is out today.

All in all, I may look horrible, and it may hurt when I breathe deeply, but the alternatives were much worse.


Alison said...

Oh no! That must have hurt so frigging badly...ack :( I must agree with Amy Bee that avoiding the kitchen might be smart. At least until you're in your new place where maybe the Kitchen Karma will be better...

Amy said...

Gosh, it's a good thing you're super cute no matter what. xo. Feel better soon.

Jimmi said...

That burn looks just like Jean Seberg. I tell you who she is some time - edumuficate you.