Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Amber & Breathlessness

Dear reader, how often does Jean Seberg come up in conversation for you in any given week?

I'm having what might amount to a very atypical week for most people.

First, there was a discussion of my hair with a former office space sharer.  She said she liked my new hairdo and said it seemed very Mia Farrow circa Rosemary's Baby.  I said I was going for more of a Jean Seberg circa Breathless.  She looked confused.  I was also wearing a stripey shirt at the time.

Le sigh.  Over $80,000 on my cinema education and so few get my really mundane references.

Then, I was discussing whether or not Christopher Walken was going to wind up going to prison, my co-ponder said, "Well, they never figured out what happened with Jean Seberg either."  I then (incorrectly) postulated that her husband had been accused but then killed himself.

Finally, my annual hand-made Christmas card from my friend the famous poet arrived and lo!  It features an image of Jean Seberg working a mighty fine Tuesday Weld winter princess look.

The text?

"FYI- the Seberge image is because-- I am writing a book-length work on Seberg-- "
Coincidence?  Or not?


Alison said...

The world is trying to tell you something. I'm not sure what it is, but maybe we're not meant to know. Riddle, mystery, enigma, and all that jazz.

I will admit, at the risk of making you sad, I had never heard of her before reading this. But now I have! So you've accomplished something :)

Emma said...

Neither had I!

When my hair is short I very frequently get the Rosemary's Baby thing. I even dressed up as Mia in the end scene for Halloween one year.

You seem to have more of a Jean Seberg look for sure.