Thursday, May 27, 2010

Amber & Goo Goo

I have gone goo goo for Goo Goos.

Let me assure you, though, Tennessee vendor, that although these treats are about the tastiest thing I have ever eaten-- milk chocolate, pecans, caramel and marshmallow?  genius-- they will not be a factor in my decision to recommend we do business with you.  Or, really, not the only factor.  But, you may as well keep 'em coming because you can never be sure.


Alison said...

I could not eat something like that. But pecans sound nice. Can you pull them out and clean them off and send them to me?

ALH said...

I *could* if I wasn't so busy stuffing these things in my mouth.

Alison said...

Is that what we pay you to do? So fired.