Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Amber & Gifts Galore

I am so well treated today!

FIRST, I got this rum cake from Kevin and Diana who are just back from their tropical vacation.

I had been hoping for Janet the iguana or somebody from the booby pond, but I feel like this is the next best thing.

THEN, I got this box set of Season One of Fringe.  True, I bought it for myself, but it was super nice of Amazon to send it to me.

I look a little scary, more than excited, there but it's a scary show so it seems fitting.

FINALLY, I got this amazing box of ginger bread cookies from my mom, dad, and sister.

Alot of them have "disappeared" already.  They are super yummy and it was an amazingly nice surprise.

I did not get my current issue of American Heritage's Invention & Technology magazine in the mail yet.  I am super excited about the cover story this month of innovation in steamboats.

I did see Kevin got his last week, and I was envious.

Also, I did NOT get any ghost babies in the mail.

But that seems like a good thing.

So many treats today.  I am one lucky duck.


Amy said...

Gifts aplenty. Bask in it.

Alison said...

A red-letter day!

I got a new bed, so I am also a happy camper. Where "camper" means "sleeping inside an apartment in a bed".

Diana said...

It is nice to see the GB's being well represented in the blogosphere.

ALH said...

Alison, congratulations on your new bed!

Diana, I spent some quality time with the GBs last week. They make good companions.