Friday, March 4, 2011

Amber & Amy and Way After Our Before & After

About a month ago, I wore a shirt with a ridiculous bow and gave a presentation.  And, the following day, I promised to blexplain how I was also having Twin Times with Amy Bee.  And then I never did.

See, the thing is that Amy Bee and I were both going to get our hair did.  And we were both getting a cut and color at exactly the same time on the same day!  And Amy Bee had the amazing idea that I could blog our Before & After hairs.  That Amy, being an editor, sure knows how to assign stories that will provide compelling content.

Amy snuck into her work bathroom to take her Before shot.

As you can tell, she's making a face that says "I think I need a new hair-do."  She's also super cute Before.  So, it's no surprise that she is also absolutely adorable After.

You can see Amy looks happier, shorter-haired and more highlighted After.  Excellent transformation!

I took my Before sitting at my desk and tried, like Amy did, to convey my unhappiness with my hair.


But I was super disappointed with my After.  Jenn said, "We want it with sort of a reddish tint, right?" And I said, "No, we wanted it more chocolate."  And she said, "But kind of cinnamon?"  And I said, "Not really."  And then my hair was the color of grape juice stains.

And so I just never blogged it.  And then I tried to get it more brown, less purple.  But it turned black!

But, really, this is an important lesson for us all, dear reader.  After is not always better than before.  Sometimes it is and then you have happy face like Amy Bee.  But sometimes the After is confusing and not what you expected.  So you just restart the clock until your next hair did and look forward to that.  And think again about just growing it out and making puffs.

It's just like Laurie Anderson said Walter Benjamin said.  History is an angel being blown backwards into the future.  And the angel wants to go back and fix the hair that has been colored maroon.  But, you can't change After.  You can only look forward to the next After.

So, Happy Face.


Amy said...

This entry makes me very happy. Not only do I feel famous, but it also includes: "life lessons" and "puffs".

CRD said...

New Hair is exactly like where you are right now. Only much, much, better.