Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amber & Sabrina

Readers, meet Sabrina. Sabrina is James's new buddy, and she is super sweetie. Like her cousin Tiggy, she is a naughty tortie. But James points out that, unlike Tiggy, she is outgoing and affectionate with strangers. Not everykitty can be Tiggy.


Amy said...

Hi Sabrina. You are lovely and you are going to have such a very wonderful kitty life with your new BFF James. I am so happy for both of you.

I am also curious about the secret redoing edge of project. Very curious.

ALH said...

Amy, The project is the secret. Nick knows I am redoing the edge. I finished the project and was about to send it off and then hated the edge. So I am fixing it. I will be sending it off tomorrow and then will reveal it fully once it surprises Nick. Although, he seldom reads comments so I could really probably tell you here.

Anonymous said...

She sure is cute.

Also - nice budgie.

ALH said...

Everyone is so excited about the new sidebar features! I thought you would recognize that budgie, Erl.