Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Amber & On Other Blogs

The 100th anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire did get a respectful ton of coverage: on this blog, in the Old Media, and, I have discovered, on other blogs.

The writer over at Alef followed and interviewed a chalker and does a nice job describing the emotions the memorial conjures.

There are those familiar shoes again, with that familiar jacket and a familiar hand.  We might also notice that this particular memorial for Joseph Wilson was one of the ones we featured, and we might try to Poirot out this mystery.  But as the chalker whose parents must have mystically foreseen his participation in naming him Chalk when his last name was Man, points out, "it's not about the act of writing."

Nor is it about the act of blogging.  The gentleman who sent us the link to this article expressed concern that you, dear readers, might be getting bored of all of the Triangle Factory memorial coverage.  So, I promised to throw in a cutie animal to keep you entertained if that was the case.

May I present... Tiggy?

She's pretty entertaining.


Kevin said...

The cat picture came just in time. I was about to fall asleep reading this post.

Erl said...

Hi Tiggy!

Alison said...

I do love cat posts but I also like that you post about this story. It is an important one, and too many people these days don't see just how important (examples: every single Republican governor, apparently).

Tiggy totally supports collective bargaining, btw. The four of them are putting together their demands for longer tummy-rub times, more environments, and the freedom to lick your head without repercussion.