Sunday, April 3, 2011

Amber & Friends: Past and Present and Presents

I love Amy Bee.  Last week, she picked me up at my office for a coffee date.  I gave her the grand tour of the Mother Goose Magazine offices, including all three potted plants, the comfy chair, and my index card task system (which Amy, an editor with a keen eye for compelling content, says I should try to write a book explaining).  And then, Amy gave me the greatest gift of all, fellowship.  Oh, and she gave me these little hedgie guys.

Now, Amy knows I love hedgies, but she also knew these little buddies were a part of my heritage. When I visited the Bee family in Brooklyn and Miss Hazel introduced me to some of her little bunny buddies, and I recognized them as friends of my sister's from when she was Wee Candice.  (And Candice and Amy Bee do share a birthday.)

Now, these folks explained for me that they are indeed the Sylvanian Families, just with a new name in the U.S. They are super cutie and just as lovable as I remember.

I am thankful to Amy for her gift of cutie animals, but I am grateful especially for her friendship.


Amy said...

The pink one is named Hazel. How perfect is that? I very much enjoyed my tour of the Mother Goose NYC branch.

ALH said...

How perfect is your hair in that picture of us? If I hadn't been there, I would have thought you arranged that lazy curl waving across your forehead just for the pose.

Erl said...

You two make quite the pair! I see mischief in those smiles.

Also - I am glad to see the required breast feeding poster in the background. This leads me to believe that it's presence on the wall isn't temporary and only for the sake of reporting back to HR at home base Mother Goose. For this I thank you.